Copper tool – left-handed option




The copper version of our popular garden hand tool. Ideal for any gardener wanting to reap the benefits of working with copper hand tools in the garden.

Copper gardening tools enrich the soils with copper trace elements, essential for producing chlorophyll. Copper is naturally bacterials and traditionally used as a fungicide.  It also has a beneficial effect on the soil’s water retention capacity, thereby contributing to the quality of the soil and its produce.  As a bonus, the presence of copper in the soil deters slugs and snails – a kind way to deter them from roaming onto your vegetable patch.

“Arrived quickly and safely packed. I brought it as a Christmas present and it was well received. They can’t wait to use it” Mary

“I can tell it’s going to be my new favourite tool!”  Samantha

This is the left-handed version.  You can buy the right-handed version here.