The Buckhoe


The Buckhoe garden hand tool

The Buckhoe is a beautifully designed, hand-forged garden hand tool. Convenient and versatile it easily accomplishes the work of multiple garden tools.  Hand-forged from either stainless steel or copper The Buckhoe will last you for many years. 

The Buckhoe takes care of most of your essential gardening tasks:  weeding, hoeing, raking, aerating, dibbing, digging out deep roots.  

Benefits of the Buckhoe

The Buckhoe deals with so many of your regular gardening tasks that you save time because you no longer need to keep switching between different tools.

The Buckhoe also saves you money because you no longer need to buy all those other tools. 

Its unique design allows it to move easily through the soil reducing strain on the wrist and hand, leaving you able to garden comfortably for hours.

Here are a few of the jobs that The Buckhoe makes easy:

The Buckhoe is so versatile it can be used for many other tasks around the garden and home, including opening paint tins, easing out or inserting greenhouse glass clips, and scratching your back/nose(!!). Your imagination is the only limit!

Weeding & hoeing

Loosening & aerating soil

Transplanting & thinning

Limitless applications

Meet the inventor

Laurie Buckingham

Laurie is wrought iron metal worker with more than 40 years experience in creating functional and decorative items ranging from trailers and tractor-hitches to gates, weathervanes and fireguards. 

While absent-mindedly playing with a length of stainless steel rod in his workshop one day, Laurie felt that he was making something to help with the gardening.

Although he wasn’t sure exactly what, he began to bend the rod this way and later reflected that he felt like the design was being ‘downloaded’ into his brain… and that he simply fashioned the design from the steel.

Laurie began using the new device in his own garden and was surprised by how many different jobs it could do. It felt so easy – like an extension of his own arm. The design has since benefitted from a few tweaks and refinements including the ‘hook’ in the blade, to help snag those tricky deep roots.

The family nicknamed it ‘dad’s handy hoe’ until a friend said, “Well Bucko, it looks like you’ve designed a Buckhoe!” – and the name stuck. 


Our amazing customers

Absolutely brilliant invention. Genius! Am recommending to all my gardener friends. This makes pricking out so much easier! I think Monty or Carol should get hold of one of

Daisy, UK

I have arthritis in my hands, but with The Buckhoe I can garden for much longer than with other tools without my hands hurting. I am able to enjoy gardening again! Thank you.

Jean, UK

Absolutely fabulous unique incredibly well made and designed item. My friend loves it and says it will be her go to tool for all her gardening activities. So useful and really clever design. Really lovely people to deal with…so helpful and nothing too much trouble.

Susan, UK

It’s well made and very functional – does exactly as described. This is the second one purchased. This one has been bought as a gift for a keen gardener following rave reviews from my husband every time that he uses his! No greater recommendation possible!

Linda, USA

When I go out into my vegetable garden now, I
just take the Buckhoe and my garden gloves. It is simple and makes life easy.

Eveline, Netherlands

What a product! The kids love using it for planting their strawberries and sunflowers. It makes planting and weeding so easy, and fun!

Steve, UK


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